Case Report

The efficacy of complex Decongestive Physiotherapy in patients with Bilateral Primary Lower Extremity Lymphedema and Untreatable multiple health conditions: A Case Report

Hümeyra Kiloatar PT*

Published: 08 September, 2017 | Volume 1 - Issue 3 | Pages: 093-098

Background: Primary lymphedema occurs as a result of genetic abnormalities of the lymph system. Currently, complex decongestive therapy is accepted as the standard treatment of the lymphedema. In this case presentation, we described the management of bilateral primary lower extremity lymphedema and the use of complex decongestive therapy.

Case Report: A 62 years old female patient had stage III primary lymphedema on her left lower extremity and stage II primary lymphedema on her right lower extremity. The patient, who had morbid obesity, also had untreatable sleep apnea, urinary incontinence, umbilical hernia and hypertension controlled by drugs. She had stage 4 gonarthrosis according to Kellgren – Lawrence classification in her both knees. The patient received complex decongestive therapy as an outpatient.

After 27 sessions of complex decongestive therapy, edema reduced in both lower extremities. Before the treatment started, the patient couldn’t go up and down stairs, get out and had difficulty mobility in the home. But after the treatment, the patient could go up and down 16 stairs by holding the railing, get out by two walking sticks and had less difficulty mobility in the home. However, due to gonarthrosis in her knees, her pain did not diminish.

Conclusion: Complex decongestive therapy is effective in the management of bilateral primary lower extremity lymphedema, which progressed with multiple health conditions.

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