Aims and Scope

Aim of the Journal

The Journal of Novel Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation aims to publish scholarly manuscripts highlighting the four pillars of Physiotherapy- massage, exercise, movement and electrotherapy methods of treatment.

The manuscripts published in The Journal of Novel Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation works with the objective to develop a framework in place to help physiotherapists in their practice and to ensure that physiotherapy remains contemporaneous in the health and social care environment.

Scope of the Journal

The role of physiotherapists has diversified and expanded considerably in recent years, particularly in response to current health and social care reform. Hence Heighten Science urges the scientists, doctors and researchers to develop and send to us the manuscripts to assist physiotherapists to seek and adopt new and innovative ways of working within the framework of evidence-based practice in the following, but not limited to, the disciplines of physiotherapy:

  •     Amputee Rehabilitation
  •     Cardiac Rehabilitation
  •     Geriatric/Old age Rehabilitation
  •     High Intensity Exercise
  •     Muscle Movements
  •     Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy
  •     Muskoskeletal Physical Therapy
  •     Neurophysiotherapy
  •     Physical Activity
  •     Physical Fitness
  •     Physical Medicine
  •     Physical Therapy
  •     Scapular Mobilization
  •     Sports and Physical Activity
  •     Sports Physical Therapy
  •     Stroke Rehabilitation

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