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Effectiveness of therapeutic ultrasound and kinesio tape in treatment of tennis elbow

Hamza Shaheen, Azzam Alarab* and Muntaser S Ahmad

Published: 23 April, 2019 | Volume 3 - Issue 1 | Pages: 025-033

Objective: To investigate the effect of kinesio tape and therapeutic ultrasound on pain and hand grip strength associated with tennis elbow.

Material and Methods: Twenty male and female patients with age from 20-50 years suffering from lateral epicondylitis were participated in this study. All patients were randomly selected from orthopaedic surgeon. They were dividing into two groups. Group (A) (ultrasound and exercises group). Group (B) (kinesio tape and exercises group). The hand-held dynamometer was used to provide a detailed and objective measurement of wrist joint strength throughout its range of motion, the pressure being registered in kilogram (Kg) and Visual Analogue Scale (VAS) was used to record the degree of pain intensity.

Result: The result shows no significant difference between group A and B in their ages, weights, heights, and BMI where their t and P-values were (0.8, 0.43), (0.03, 0.97), (0.98, 0.33), and (0.9, 0.37) respectively. In Group A the significant differences in hand grip strength between pre and post-test which shows 31.59), compared to the pre-test (27.35), while in group B (33.17) compared to the pre-test (23.88). According the pain scale for group A and group B there are significant differences where the results were (2.50), compared to the pre-test (5.90) and (2.00), compared to the pre-test (7.30), retrospectively.

Conclusions: The treatment was improvement between both groups. However, the kinesio tape is better than therapeutic ultrasound.

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Lteral epicondalyitis; Ultrasound; Kinesio tape; Pain intensity; Hand grip strength


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