Figure 5

Postural Stability Induced by Supervised Physical Training may improve also Oxygen Cost of Exercise and Walking Capacity in Post-Menopause, Obese Women

Fernanda Velluzzi, Massimiliano Pau, Andrea Loviselli, Raffaele Milia, Daniela Lai, Daniele Concu, Gianmarco Angius, Abdallah Raweh, Andrea Fois and Alberto Concu*

Published: 09 January, 2017 | Volume 1 - Issue 1 | Pages: 001-011


Figure 5:

Box and whiskers plots represent the distribution of data assessed before (in) and after (out) the exercise training and concern sway area of the right leg (SwayR, 5A) and sway area of the left leg (SwayL, 5B). Outlier marks are shown outside the whiskers from 1st and 3th quartiles of SwayRin. (*) With respect the in box: difference statistically signifi cant.

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